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Egyptian Expatriates Join Ministry Campaign to Promote Investments in Egypt

The ongoing campaign is part of Egypt's broader strategy to capitalize on its diaspora's expertise and networks to attract foreign investment.

By: Mohamed Zain

Sat, Apr. 13, 2024

In an effort to promote Egypt's investment landscape and attract foreign investors, prominent Egyptian executives and officials have engaged in a campaign initiated by the Ministry of Immigration. The campaign, titled "Egyptian Investors Abroad Respond: Why Invest in Egypt?", aims to underscore the country's appeal as a strategic destination for investment and economic growth.

Iman El Sherif, former CEO and current board member of the Egyptian British Business Chamber in London, actively participated in the campaign, emphasizing Egypt's significant strides in infrastructure development and national projects across various sectors. El Sherif highlighted the transparent presentation of projects and infrastructure by the Egyptian government, stating that it has left a positive impression on English investors about Egypt's investment potential.

The campaign, led by the Ministry of Immigration and spearheaded by Minister Soha Gendy, seeks to showcase Egypt's market advantages and available investment opportunities in various fields. Minister Gendy stressed the importance of leveraging Egypt's ongoing development efforts to attract investment and stimulate economic growth. She emphasized the government's commitment to creating an investment-friendly environment, offering incentives such as the recently introduced golden residency permit, and providing comprehensive support for investors.

Through a series of short videos, Egyptian experts abroad provide testimonials and insights into their investment experiences in Egypt, aiming to reassure potential investors of the country's stability and promising opportunities. The campaign aims to bridge the gap between Egyptian expatriates and domestic investors, fostering a sense of confidence in Egypt's economic potential.

El Sherif commended Minister Jendi and the Ministry of Immigration for their efforts to promote investment in Egypt. She highlighted the ministry's initiatives in organizing meetings with investors and Egyptian business leaders worldwide, as well as hosting events focused on attracting investments.

The campaign reflects Egypt's proactive approach to international investment promotion, leveraging the expertise and influence of its diaspora to advocate for investment opportunities in the country. As Egypt continues to implement its development agenda and create an enabling environment for investment, initiatives like these play a crucial role in showcasing Egypt's economic potential on the global stage.

In addition to El Sherif's advocacy efforts, Minister Gendy emphasized Egypt's commitment to facilitating investment and fostering partnerships with investors abroad. She reiterated the government's dedication to providing a conducive business environment and supporting both large and small-scale investors in realizing their projects in Egypt.

Furthermore, El Sherif highlighted the pivotal role of skilled labor and the diverse investment opportunities available in Egypt, underscoring the government's success in attracting both major and minor investors. She pointed out numerous projects in the pipeline aimed at maximizing the contributions of Egyptian expatriates to the nation's development.

The ongoing campaign is part of Egypt's broader strategy to capitalize on its diaspora's expertise and networks to attract foreign investment. By harnessing the knowledge and influence of Egyptian professionals and entrepreneurs abroad, Egypt aims to position itself as a prime destination for investment and economic growth.

As the campaign continues to unfold, stakeholders anticipate increased engagement from international investors and heightened interest in Egypt's burgeoning investment landscape. With sustained efforts and proactive measures, Egypt remains poised to capitalize on its economic potential and emerge as a leading investment destination in the region.