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Jazeera Paint's Role as the Official Sponsor in Egypt's First Risk Mitigation Summit: Towards Effective Change

With pride, Jazeera Paint announces its official support for this prominent event as the official sponsor of Egypt's First Risk Mitigation Summit

Tue, Nov. 21, 2023

Under the auspices of the Ministries of Environment, Planning and Economic Development, Cairo witnessed the kickoff of Egypt's First Risk Mitigation Summit organized by the Ministry of Environment. With pride, Jazeera Paint announces its official support for this prominent event as the official sponsor of the summit.

Leading Vision for Risk Mitigation: The summit, themed "Towards Effective Change," aims to raise awareness about the importance of risk mitigation and reducing the negative impacts of incorrect environmental practices. This initiative aligns with Egypt's Vision 2030, which aims to achieve sustainable development.

Opening Remarks by Minister Yasmin Fouad: Her Excellency Dr. Yasmin Fouad, the Minister of Environment, delivered the opening speech, discussing the ministry's efforts to change thinking and culture regarding incorrect behaviors and habits while empowering risk mitigation. Representatives from various government entities also delivered opening remarks, including Dr. Sherif El Gabaly, Chairman of the Chemical Industries Chamber at the Federation of Egyptian Industries, and Eng. Heba Hamad, Director-General of the General Organization for Standards and the official responsible for the environment and climate change file at the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

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Contribution to Specialized Sessions: The first session focused on "Risk Mitigation in Health Aspects." Participants delve into innovative scientific methods to reduce health risks, emphasizing early detection and effective disease management.

Partnerships for Dual Benefits: The second session, "Achieving Dual Benefits for Companies and Society through Risk Mitigation as Mutual Benefit," highlights the positive impact of risk mitigation strategies on the private sector, focusing on cost reduction and environmental efficiency.

Jazeera Paint's Role at the Summit: Protecting Health and the Environment: Eng. Ahmed Taleb, the Executive Director of Marketing and Sales at Jazeera Paint, proudly participated in the second session of Egypt's First Risk Mitigation Summit. The discussion addressed the role of the private sector in providing solutions to environmental and industrial challenges, shedding light on Jazeera Paint's serious measures to mitigate environmental and health damages resulting from the use of paints and chemicals.

Serious Commitment to Sustainability: Eng. Ahmed Taleb emphasized Jazeera Paint's commitment to social and environmental responsibility, integrating sustainability into its business strategy. Jazeera Paint takes serious measures to preserve the environment and human health.

Mitigating Damages from Paints and Chemicals: Eng. Ahmed Taleb elaborated on the steps Jazeera Paint takes to mitigate damages from paints and chemicals on human health. This includes choosing environmentally friendly raw materials free from harmful substances, developing green production techniques to reduce environmental impact, improving waste management, and increasing recycling rates.

Care for the Health and Safety of Employees: Eng. Ahmed Taleb highlighted Jazeera Paint's role in preserving the health and safety of factory workers, providing continuous training on workplace safety and the safe use of chemicals. The company also ensures the availability of personal protective equipment and maintains a healthy and safe working environment.

Constant Commitment to Improvement: Eng. Ahmed Taleb concluded by emphasizing Jazeera Paint's commitment to continuous improvement, stating that the company consistently seeks to enhance its operations and technologies to achieve the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

With this serious commitment, Jazeera Paint positions itself as a key player in achieving sustainable development goals while preserving human health and the environment.

In Conclusion: Jazeera Paint's participation in Egypt's First Risk Mitigation Summit confirms its strong commitment to social and environmental responsibility. The company aims to bring about effective change by developing environmentally friendly products and actively participating in initiatives that promote sustainability.