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On Empowering and Leading from the Heart with Rowaidah Bibers - Women in Business Today Egypt

Boasting an impressive career in PR and as the MD of POD, Rowaidah has managed several teams, of both men and women, where she leads from the heart, and passes her knowledge and experience to everyone equally

By: Business Today Egypt

Wed, Apr. 27, 2022

Genuine, inspiring, and empowering, Rowaidah is people-oriented, career-driven, and at the same time a dedicated mother and a truly supportive woman. Boasting an impressive career in PR and as the MD of POD, Rowaidah has managed several teams, of both men and women, where she leads from the heart, and passes her knowledge and experience to everyone equally.

Her experience in PR has provided her with the ability to consistently manage crises, control the narrative of local and international organizations, and empower women across several sectors as a mentor and a leader.


Over the years, you have led teams composed mostly of women, what stereotypes or myths about women in the workplace do and do not exist?

HYH_7446_ppRowaidah Biebers - Managing Director of PR and Events, POD

There is a huge misconception about women in general that they are spoiled by nature and accordingly that affects them in the workplace with the myth that they can’t work for long hours, but that has nothing to do with reality.

Women are hard workers, persistent, and capable of achieving great things. We see a lot of women today spending extensive hours at the office to get work done. So, I believe it is unfair to think that women work less or can’t work hard enough like men.


Do you believe progress towards gender equality, both at home and at work, is hard to achieve? Why or why not?

On the contrary, there is significant progress towards gender equality that has become noticeable not only in Egypt but also in the Arab world. We are now witnessing women who excel at top managerial and executive levels, and today, men and women show more support to one another at home and in the workplace.


With growing female representation in Egypt’s business landscape, what can men learn from female leaders in developing their leadership skills and methods?

Patience. Definitely, patience.

Women are tolerant, supportive, and patient by nature. These traits make women more enduring than men. They nurture growth, give chances and are more tolerant of mistakes that may occur at work as long as these mistakes are a doorway for learning and growth. Also, women are multitaskers; they don’t focus on just one thing at a time. Women know how to focus on career goals and responsibilities, but at the same time focus on their home and family.


What has been the most significant barrier in your career? Did you have to deal with gender-related obstacles?

Honestly, I have never faced obstacles or challenges of that sort. My gender has never stood in the way of my career and I don’t remember a single time where I faced issues of gender discrimination or incidents of favoritism.


As a mother, what teachable moments have you had with your children to teach them about gender bias and inequality?

I teach my kids that what is right and what is wrong are not subjective to gender. But in general, I advise my kids not to compare themselves or their experiences to anyone around.

I want my kids to grow up understanding that each person has their own journey and different circumstances, obstacles, and challenges. I also want to see them growing up as responsible individuals, capable of depending on themselves, unafraid to face their own challenges or obstacles, and always to be honest.



What are your go-to tips for handling motherhood, an ambitious career, and your mental health?

To manage that balance, every woman needs to know what makes her truly happy in her day-to-day life, whether that is the moment she goes to work, the time she spends at home with her family, or anything else.

Find the thing that makes you genuinely happy and pursue it, whatever that is. You may have many dreams you want to achieve in your life, and you may not get everything straight away; be patient, don’t compare where you are today to where other women around you may be in their lives, things will come in the right time. Contribute to society, give and support other women, and don’t underestimate the power of giving, it always pays off and you will end up feeling happier about yourself.


How do you handle any intimidation that comes with working with major corporations, both local and international, that have mainly men in leadership roles?

Honestly, I have not been in a situation where I felt intimidated, and generally speaking, women now are unafraid, unintimidated, and more confident in themselves.

Women today lead big roles and work in different fields. Well, yes we don’t really see women working in gas stations or other jobs of that sort, but that is totally fine because there will always be some jobs that women would be willing to contribute to more than men would and vice versa.


What is something you wish you would have known early in your career?

One thing I learned and keep reminding myself of is to build decisions only on solid facts, not other people’s judgment or opinions. I would like to pass this advice, never build an opinion of a person or judge someone based on what others say about them, let the end result of their work speak for itself.


What is your opinion on the future of workplace equality across Egypt?

I think equality in the workplace is not a matter of gender, but rather the skills and caliber of a person. What makes someone successful in their career is their persistence, willingness to learn, the skills they already have and are yet to acquire, not whether this person is a man or a woman. But it is worth acknowledging and mentioning that today we are witnessing women excelling in different sectors. Women today are leaders, decision-makers, and are setting exemplary role models.