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Beyond Real Estate Development

Ziwar discusses how Ora Developers encourage Egyptians to get up and move

By: By Marwan Ziwar, Chief Commercial Officer of Ora Developers

Mon, Feb. 10, 2020

For long, sports have been limited in the minds of many Egyptians to only football. Now, people’s awareness of sports has developed to include other team sports such as basketball and handball that are rising to capture the attention and admiration of a bigger fan base with the latest achievements of Egypt’s national teams.

Recently, the Egyptian government has been leading a huge campaign aimed at endorsing and encouraging more individual talents, and elevating the entire individual sports sector. This have been seen in many events and occasions where President El Sisi himself received and honored prominent talents in sports and most notably champions of tennis and squash.

Following the same track, the government has taken more measures and steps to promote a healthier lifestyle, encouraging Egyptians to move and take up more positive habits that improve their lives and health. With these efforts from the government, the private sector had to step in and support such serious endeavors.

At Ora Developers, we have set into an unusual journey to destabilize concepts and stereotypes about the traditional real estate developer. In this journey, we have surprisingly found innovative ways to contribute to changing the perception about sports.

Driven by vision to become “more than developers”, Ora wanted to contribute more to the community through establishing projects that bring an added value to the society. ZED Sheikh Zayed seemed like the right addition to the market, where our vision has come to reality on ground.

As real estate developers now focus on greenery, we have taken greenery to another level as we blended it with spaciousness in one venue where freedom is accessible by everyone. Sports unleash an individual’s potentials, and boost self-esteem and confidence in one’s abilities. Hence, we wanted to give everyone access to sports, because we believe that Egyptians are full of talents and capabilities, and through our tools and means, we want to become contributors to bringing these abilities to the light and invest in them.

ZED Sports Complex inside ZED Sheikh Zayed, represents Ora’s pride in becoming the number one developer to bring sports to the heart of their residential communities.

ZED Sports Complex is not only well-equipped with the needed courts, playgrounds, pitches, gyms and open spaces for sports’ activities, but it also has a set of coaches and coaching teams in each sport played there, in addition to well-crafted programs according to international standards.

Now, Egypt rules the world in squash, with its champions dominating men’s and women’s top world rankings, helping Egypt export excellent image of itself as a country that has brilliant talents. Still, it is time for more achievements in other sports, especially individual ones.

ZED Sports Complex has dedicated many resources for the development of tennis talents including 4 ITF certified tennis courts and the best tennis coaches that lead development programs of the talents at the complex.

Moreover, we believe in the importance of expertise and diversity of coaching styles, that is why ZED collaborated with world’s leading Tennis Academy of Barcelona Total for Tennis (BTT) led by world-renowned Francisco Roig, the current coach of Spanish tennis legend, Rafael Nadal. Besides training the talents at the complex, BTT’s experts along with expert local coaches will supervise scouting events and camp where they will unearth hidden talents of tennis, contributing to the development of the sport and the sports sector in Egypt in general.

Accessibility is one of the key elements that distinguish ZED Sports Complex from any other sports entity in Egypt. Ora wanted to bring Egyptians and the owners of its community, a venue that offers what is more than the regular services found at the sports club.

Therefore, the Complex, since its inception, have been welcoming all talents, supporting them with the needed place to train and the tools to become better, in addition to opening all training programs for them to acquire the necessary skills, preparing them to become tomorrow’s champions. By this, we also aim at promoting an environment that encourages people to embrace a healthier lifestyle and do more sports.

Egypt enjoys all the capabilities to become a sports hub, not only by exporting talents to international platforms and championships, but also through hosting these international championships on its lands. ZED Sports Complex endorses this direction by hosting and organizing more events that open up more opportunities for our local talents to experience competition on the international level and go through a bigger challenge, gaining them more skills and helping to showcase the talents they have.

This month, February, ZED Sports Complex will host one of the biggest tennis tournaments for women with the biggest monetary prize ever reaching USD 100K. The tournament is set to shed special light on the new talents, especially young generation of players, to empower and inspire them, while also addressing women in sports as equal contributors to the field, and in individual sports, specifically.

The success of this tournament will definitely open more doors for Egypt to attract more the likes of these events, exporting a stronger image of Egypt as a sports hub, in light of the current economic progress and successful development endeavors. Moreover, this will help secure a platform for our local talents, to grow their skills, and help better their position on the international map of sports excellence.