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Workplace Myth-busting by Heartwork; The first International Happy Business Hub in Egypt- Innovated by Mountain View

The modern office landscape design is shifting, with the pandemic changing how we perceive and understand work and productivity

By: Business Today Egypt

Tue, Nov. 23, 2021

The modern office landscape design is shifting, with the pandemic changing how we perceive and understand work and productivity, shattering myths on how to truly improve employee engagement and productivity that boost growth, happiness, brand loyalty, and energy.

Leading Real Estate developer Mountain View sets an example early on in the Egyptian market, developing Heartwork, the first International Happy Business Hub in Egypt, to provide convenient and elevated luxury workspaces in collaboration with the world’s first culture coach-sulting company, Delivering Happiness (DH), and leading global architecture, planning and design firm, CallisonRTKL.

According to DH, feelings drive around 90% of our motivation, noting that happy teams can potentially turn into “17% more productivity, an increase in sales by 20% and a 21% increase in profitability.”

Adopting Delivering Happiness’s integrated model, Heartwork is established on the 4 pillars of happiness (Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul), which is designed to boost employees’ morale and happiness at work

Here, we reflect on myths that no longer hold true in a modern workplace, and how companies can create spaces built to enhance day-to-day working life.



Sitting in the same location while working on similar tasks takes a toll on both the body and the ability to focus, which increases the chance of mistakes due to fatigue of the mental health.

Numerous reports have resulted that encouraging breaks increases productivity. Heartwork tackled this aspect through one of their pillars of happiness; “Soul Zone,” a separate area dedicated for meditation and relaxation with an emphasis on curated art and visuals to relax the soul with tech free zones.



There have been several studies on the subject for years, such as those from Stanford University and Finnish Institute of Occupational Health’s Marianna Virtanen, yet the local work culture still considers long hours and its resulting burnout as badges of honor.

Here is where Heartwork’s “Heart Zone” shines as a place created to promote community and bonding, encouraging free -thinking and ideation featuring bonding areas, where employees have access to nature, encourage idea sharing and appreciation, which automatically improves employee’s wellbeing.

In order to deliver high quality results as a business, it is important to note that everyone has a limited amount of productive hours in a day, making the establishment of a balanced and sustainable work routine essential to avoid burnouts.

Mountain View's HeartWork


Recent research indicate that schedules must allow relaxed moments within a work-day. By creating a positive and happy work culture, companies can avoid encouraging longer hours and promote productivity.

Heartwork, once again, created a special “Mind Zone,” an area devoted for reconnecting or disconnecting, and unleashing creativity with access to private spaces with lots of green scenery to settle the mind.



One international study explained 81% of participants noted increased creativity after walks, while another study showed that a 10-minute lunchtime break fights off the need for extra caffeine.

To combat inactivity, Heartwork introduces open gym facilities along with active designs found in its “Body Zone.”



After debunking these myths, it is clear how much workplace design can affect behavior within the office space.

While every company’s culture is different, the foundation of building a strong community at the office is always the same; natural light, community-based and private spaces that encourage breaks and movement.

Heartwork, The first International Happy Business Hub in Egypt, offers several types of offices ranging from 180 sqm up to 360 sqm that caters to small, medium, and large enterprises. The unique and luxurious office buildings are known for its private parking, private entrances and own signage and roofs accompanied with green areas, private business pods, to cater standalone office buildings.

Strategically partnering up with the Creative Industry Summit, Heartwork is creatively managing to bring the collective experience from the 28th of November to 1st of December at Nile-Ritz Carlton to fuel your creativity through the Science of Happiness.