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Filling the Arabic content gap: ElPlatform at forefront of Arabic Visual content

ElPlatform has spent the last few years tweaking their content platform into one of the Arab world’s top engaging informational resources

By: Business Today Egypt

Wed, Apr. 7, 2021

Despite internet penetration rates all over the world and millions of pieces of content uploaded to the world web every day, the Arab world is a content market still ripe for the taking.

Visual content in particular, with heavy emphasis on colloquial Arabic and Arab cultural references, is in high demand, with many content creators vying for attention through creating quality content, and when it comes to making education and knowledge entertaining, Egyptian content company ElPlatform is a popular place to look.

ElPlatform has spent the last few years tweaking their content platform into one of the Arab world’s top engaging informational resources.


Anyone working in media or marketing understands the importance of leaning on trends to engage and reach audiences in a saturated market such as the internet, however ElPlatform adopted several key trends into their own visual storytelling style that has enabled it to perform above other creators.

By combining educational information with relevant Arab cultural references and catchy visuals, they have been able to top other content creators in the scene.

Their secrets to success have been simple; be local, be savvy, and be culturally invested.

Egyptian media is so wide spread that the Egyptian dialect is understood by almost all Arab nationals, making it the perfect language to use in order for maximum effect in the regional market. ElPlatform uses this to their advantage, using simple colloquial and slang Arabic to reach a wider audience than those who stick to country-specific dialects.

Visually eye-catching content with an emphasis on engaging storytelling, they are savyy and smart in creating content that is diverse and full of cultural references that make it easy to watch for hours at a time.


ElPlatform’s editors and storytellers are highly versed in regional media and cultural references, able to mix serious narration and classic comic relief clips while staying on point, a strength they often use to great effect.

Lastly, the platform’s content weaves between fun educational content on historical events to heavy hitting current happenings such as last year’s Covid-19 video.


Invested in providing both fun and educational content provides the ElPlatform with a sense of a news agency that has figured out a way to tap into the Arabic content market full of young audiences already searching for a reliable but engaging platform to learn from.

The Arabic content market continues to full of opportunities for young content creators, but with ElPlatform taking a strong market and user share due to it savvy visual storytelling.